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Disposable half mask FS-33V F FFP3 R D
Category: SIMPLA
Class: P3
NDS: 30 x NDS
Standard: EN 149:2001 + A1:2009
Certificate: issued by CIOP PIB (Central Institute for Labour Protection - National Research Institute) compliant with EU 2016/425
The FS 33 V F FFP3 R half mask respirator was awarded the MTP GOLD MEDAL during the SAWO 2014 trade show, it was also well received by visitors and Internet users. Thanks to their votes, the product received the 2014 Gold Medal for consumers’ choice.

The FS 33 V F FFP3 R half mask respirator has been awarded the Gold Medal of the OHS-BUD'2017 trade show in Bydgoszcz

SIMPLA filter respirators without nose clips are the latest products in the Filter Service assortment. They are characterized by high filtration efficiency, unique comfort, low weight and exceptionally favourable price.
Respiratory protection against high concentrations of respirable dusts; use for welding and soldering; protection against dusts containing: beryllium, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, cobalt, nickel, radium, strychnine and radioactive particles. The FS 33 V F FFP3 R D half mask respirator is reusable.
Additional advantages:
The innovative design of the SIMPLA series half mask respirators rendered the nose clip obsolete. We have eliminated the time-consuming fitting of the nose clip to the face and minimised the effect of goggle fogging. SIMPLA half mask respirators do not contain metal elements. Using an exhalation valve greatly reduces breathing resistance. The half mask is equipped with two additional filters which increase the filtration area and provide fresher, cooler air inside the bowl. The seal used in the FS 33 V F FFP3 R D half mask allows to maintain the hygiene of the product when using the respirator for several days.
For respiratory tract protection against harmful effects of air pollution in the form of solid particles and/or aerosol-forming liquid particles (dusts, vapours, mists) up to 30 x OEL.
Half mask bowl:
- Needle-punched non-woven polyester fabric
- Non-woven polypropylene melt blown fabric
- Protective non-woven fabric
- Two side filters

Additional components:
- Exhalation valve
- Two filters to reduce airflow resistance
- Two check valves installed in filters
- Polyethylene foam seal for the half mask bowl
- Four-point head straps adjustment
- Head straps

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