Disposable half mask
FS-910 FFP1 NR D

Class: P1
NDS: 4 x NDS
Standard: EN 149:2001
Certificate: issued by CIOP PIB (Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute) compliant with EU 2016/425
Thanks to the automation and optimization of production, the 900 series half-mask has an attractive price They provide a budget-friendly alternative to disposable respiratory protective equipment available on the market while maintaining high product quality.
Non-toxic dusts, agricultural industry, food industry, quarries, cement plants, particularly for the following dusts: calcium carbonate, natural and synthetic graphite, gypsum, chalk, cement, plaster, marble, zinc oxide, vegetable pollen, cellulose, sulphur, cotton, ferrous metal filings, coal dust with below 10% of free silica.
Additional advantages:
Compact, anatomical shape, soft and pleasant to the touch. The respirator is covered with a special layer of protective cloth, which extends its life.
For respiratory tract protection against harmful effects of air pollution in the form of solid particles and/or aerosol-forming liquid particles (dusts, vapours, mists) up to 4 x OEL.
Half mask canopy:
Needled polyester fleece
Non-woven polypropylene melt blown fabric
- Protective fabric
Additional elements
Nose clip for sealing the half mask in the nose area
Head strap clips for length adjustment
Polyethylene foam nose seal
- Head straps