Disposable half mask
FS-930 FFP3 NR

Class: P3
NDS: 30 x NDS
Standard: 149 2001, meets the requirements of the long oil mist test
Certificate: issued by CIOP PIB (Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute) compliant with EU 2016/425
Thanks to production automation and streamlining, the 900 series of half mask respirators can offer attractive pricing. They provide a budget-friendly alternative to disposable respiratory protective equipment available on the market while maintaining high product quality.
High concentrations of respirable dusts; use for welding and soldering; protection against dusts containing: beryllium, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, cobalt, nickel, radium, strychnine and radioactive particles.
Additional advantages:
Compact, anatomical shape, soft and pleasant to the touch. The half mask respirator is covered with a special layer of fleece, which extends its lifespan. Thanks to the shape of the half mask, it is possible to fold the respirator and pocket it without damage during work breaks.
For respiratory tract protection against harmful effects of air pollution in the form of solid particles and/or aerosol-forming liquid particles (dusts, vapours, mists) up to 30 x OEL.
Half mask canopy:
- Protective fabric
Needle-punched non-woven polyester fabric
Non-woven polypropylene melt blown fabric
- Protective fabric
Additional elements
Nose clip for sealing the half mask in the nose area
Polyethylene foam nose seal
Head strap clips for length adjustment
- Head straps