Reusable anti-dust filter
EW 952 P2 R with active carbon

Category: Filters for gas masks
Class: P2
NDS: 10 x NDS
Standard: EN 143: 2000/A1:2006
Certificate: CE, issued by CIOP

THE FIRST IN POLAND DUST REUSABLE FILTERS are certified products that meet the requirements of the LATEST STANDARD PN EN 143:2000/A1:2006, which imposes an obligation to test filters with a mist of paraffin oil. If the products lasts through a varied penetration in time test means that it is high quality. Additional examinations allowed to mark the filters with the letter R which means the product is reusable. The high work comfort for the user which has been obtained is the result of employing modern filtering fibers and a larger filtering area.

The FS-ZI38 P3 R filters, thanks to the absorption layer containing active carbon, are designed for respiratory system protection against organic vapours below OEL levels.

The product is protecting the respiratory system – after being combined with a half-mask EURMASK ETNA – from aerosols of solid particles or water-based aerosols (dust, smoke) and aerosols with diffused liquid phase (mist), unless the concentration of the aerosol diffused phase is higher than 10 x MPC.
Additional advantages:
Large filtering area, high usage comfort.