Half-mask respirator
FX 2026V FFP2 R D

Category: FX 2000
Class: P2
NDS: 10 x NDS
Standartd: EN 149:2001 + A1:2009
Certificate: CIOP PIB per EU 2016/425

P2. The FX 2026 V FFP2 R D half-mask respirator (for repeated use) was designed for particularly demanding customers. It was made of modern materials, allowing the reduction of airflow resistance (high comfort), while maintaining high filtration efficiency (suitable protection level). It is equipped with a hyperallergic seal around the perimeter of the bowl that adheres to the face; this ensures tight adherence of the half-mask and simple maintenance. After use, clean the gasket with a suitable disinfectant. Thus, the respirator can be used repeatedly.

The FX 2026 V FFP2 RD half mask was awarded the KIELCE FAIR MEDAL
during the 10th Aluminum & Nonfermet Fair

Medium-toxic solid particles, asbestos, copper, barium, titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese dusts, hard wood dust, carbon dust comprising less than 10% of free silica, in mining, chemical and metallurgic industries (version with exhalation valve), hard wood machining.
Additional advantages:
An exhaust valve used in the half-mask enables the operator to freely remove excess water vapour and carbon dioxide out of the bowl, thus improving the user’s working comfort and extending the product’s life.
With hypoallergenic seal around the perimeter of the respirator’s surface adhering to the face its efficiency is improved. This element can also be cleaned.
Smooth adjustment of head harness straps, decoupling of the top from the bottom, makes it easy to adjust the half-mask respirator to the face.
Low air flow resistance ensure a high level of comfort for the user.
Respiratory tract protection against dust, solid particle aerosols, water-based aerosols and aerosols with dispersed liquid phase, up to 10 x NDS.
Half mask canopy and filters:
Needled polyester fleece
Non-woven polypropylene melt blown fabric
- Protective fabric
Additional elements
- Exhalation valve
Nose clip for sealing the half mask in the nose area
Polyethylene foam gasket in the area of ​​the half-mask canopy
Four-point adjustment of the head straps
- Head straps